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Keep It Like New

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Making your pool table last is one the best things that you can do for yourself. Pool tables aren’t cheap, even if someone gives you a pool table you would still have to pay for it to be moved and maybe even for some new felt depending on the condition of the old cloth. The cool thing about a well made pool table is that you could pass it down to the next generation if you just do a few things make sure that it lasts.

Do’s & Dont’s

There are a few do’s and dont’s to owning and maintaining a pool table. One of the big no no’s on a pool table is don’t ever sit on it. While a pool table is a very strong and solidly built piece of furniture, it is not made to be sat on.  A pool table can be easily damaged when a person sits on it.  The wooded frame of the pool table can crack and or the slate can break very easily as well, of course both of these can be repaired but why do that when you can avoid it.  Long story short don’t sit on your pool table and slap anybody who tries!

Keep It Clean

Keeping you pool table clean will ensure that you will get the most out of your pool table cloth. The more dirt and chalk that build up on your table top, the shorter it will live. Dirt and chalk act as abrasives on a pool table when the pool table balls roll back and forth across the table. Keeping the pool table top free from these abrasives will keep it from prematurely breaking down. You can either sweep it with a soft brush after each play or run a low powered hand help vacuum across it. With either method be sure to use a gentle hand so that you are actually helping your table not hurting it. You can further ensure that you table stays clean by cleaning your cue and playing balls, as they can bring in foreign substances to you pool table cloth.  As for the rest of the table you can do a little research and find the right product for the type of finish you pool table has, lemon oil works well with many wood finishes but do a little homework and find out which wood care product will  work for your pool table.

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Protect It From The Sun

If the room your keep your pool table in has plenty of sunlight on a regular basis then consider buying a nice cover for your pool table. You can go all out with a nice leather cover or just grab an economy baseline cover. Either way you will need to block the sun light if you want your pool table to last. Prolonged periods of direct sunlight will prematurely wear the cloth and wooden frame of a pool table.

If your pool table has become damaged or needs some repairs please contact us to that we can help you.