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Pool Table Movers Lakewood, CO

Professional Billiards Moving in Lakewood, Colorado

The premier pool table moving service in Denver. Call now to get a free estimate and find out how much it cost to move a pool table. We provide billiards services to all of Denver including Jefferson County.

Why Use A Pool Table Moving Service?

The proper way to move your pool table is to have it dis-assembled first and then have it moved, we can do this for you. When you pool table has been moved to it’s new location we re-assemble it and make sure that it is properly leveled and ready for play.

DIY Pool Table Moving

Do it yourself pool table moving is not recommended unless you have successfully done it before. While moving a pool table is not very hard it can be challenging to re-install properly and get the felt stretched well and the table top leveled perfectly. Forget using Craigslist to look for the lowest bidder because you will get what you pay for. Call us and we’ll give you an honest rate.