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Archives: June 10, 2014

Thornton Pool Table Movers – Denver Colorado

Pool Table Movers Thornton, CO

Serving the greater Denver Area including Thornton, Adams and Weld Counties.

We provide the following billiards services:

  • Pool Table Moving
  • Pool Table Repair
  • Pool Table Re-Felting
  • Pool Table Upgrades (leather pockets, ect.)

Find Out Of Much It Cost To Move A Pool Table

Call today and find out how much it will cost to move your pool table. Please let us know if there will be any stairs involved and tell us what size your pool table is.  We will also need to know is your table is a “three piece slate” or “one piece slate”. We typically maintain a fairly busy schedule so call today to plan your pool table move with us.

What Does A Pool Table Move Involve?

A standard pool table move involves taking a pool table apart, moving it and then setting it back up which includes a very precise leveling process. Taking a pool table apart involves removing the cloth (felt), then removing the rails (cushions), removing the slate and sometimes removing the pool table legs if necessary.

Pool Table Movers Lakewood, CO

Professional Billiards Moving in Lakewood, Colorado

The premier pool table moving service in Denver. Call now to get a free estimate and find out how much it cost to move a pool table. We provide billiards services to all of Denver including Jefferson County.

Why Use A Pool Table Moving Service?

The proper way to move your pool table is to have it dis-assembled first and then have it moved, we can do this for you. When you pool table has been moved to it’s new location we re-assemble it and make sure that it is properly leveled and ready for play.

DIY Pool Table Moving

Do it yourself pool table moving is not recommended unless you have successfully done it before. While moving a pool table is not very hard it can be challenging to re-install properly and get the felt stretched well and the table top leveled perfectly. Forget using Craigslist to look for the lowest bidder because you will get what you pay for. Call us and we’ll give you an honest rate.

Centennial Pool Table Moving – Billiards Services

Pool Table Movers In Centennial, CO

  • Moving
  • Repair
  • Breakdown
  • Set Up – Installation

Serving all Of Denver, Colorado and surrounding counties: Arapahoe, Adams, Denver, Jefferson, Douglas, Broomfield, Elbert, Park, Clear Creek, and Gilpin counties.

Professional service and attitude always provided.

Why Use A Professional Pool Table Company?

Even a short move from one room to another requires that a pool table be broken down into pieces before it is moved from one room to another. You must remove the felt, slate and sometimes even the legs before you have your pool table moved. While it is a simple process it does require experience and special tools.

Use Denver Billiards Services For Your Move

Hire us to do the heavy lifting and proper set up of you pool table. When you call us we make it easy for you: just call to make an appointment, show us where your pool table is at and then where it needs to go, we’ll handle the rest!

Pool Table Moving in Aurora, CO

Billiards Movers – Aurora, Colorado

Need a pool table moved in the City of Aurora? We are a local billiards moving company that provides services to all of Adams and Arapahoe Counties in the Denver Colorado Area.

Get Your Pool Table Moved Right

The best way to have a pool table moved is by breaking it down, moving it and then setting it back up properly. It is not a complicated task, however, they is skill involved and specialty tools are required to ensure that your pool table is set up for level and smooth play. Pool table installation is not something that you want to tackle on your own if you want it done correctly.

Hire A Pro Pool Table Mover

Your best bet is to hire a professional who has done the job several hundreds of times. They have the experience, skills and tools needed to get the job done right.

Arvada Pool Table Services

Providing top notch billiards service and the finest pool table movers Arvada, Co has to offer.

  • Pool Table Moving
  • Pool Table Repair
  • Pool Table Felt Installation

Serving the counties of Adams and Jefferson. Call for a free estimate on any service. Please provide details such as table size, make (brand/manufacturer) and whether there will be stairs involved when the pool table is moved.

Why use a professional pool table mover?

A pool table is a very heavy piece of furniture and it can easy be damaged if lifted, moved or transported improperly. The best way to insure that a pool table is not damaged is to call a professional pool table moving company in your area that can properly disassemble the table, transport it to the desired location and then set it back up properly. If you need a pool table moved in any part of Denver, Colorado we are the billiards company to handle the job.