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Archives: June 8, 2014


Owning a pool table is a great thing. Enjoying good times with friends and family over a good game of billiards is priceless.

When your pool table felt or pockets become worn and old they should be replaced. We provide expert pool table recovering and pool table pocket replacement.

We also provide expert leveling services that put your pool table at precisely the right level for fun and proper play.

Billiards Moving Service In Denver, Colorado

A pool table is a very heavy piece of furniture and it should be handle carefully when it is being moved. The right way to move a pool table is to totally disassemble it before you move it, even an inch.

If a pool table needs to be moved from one room to the other it still needs to be disassembled.  You should not risk damaging a pool table to save a few bucks because the pool table repair can cost a lot more.