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Why Hire Professional Billiards Transporters

One of the main reasons that a pool table should not be moved by anyone other that a professional is because of the enormous weight. A pool table can weigh well over a thousand pounds, the weight can cause a pool table to break during transportation.

Make Things Easy For Yourself

Sure, you can try and disassemble a pool table, move it to the new location and then set it back up again but why? The average cost of a pool table move ranges between $250 to $350, now antique, snooker and any other specialty pool table will cost more. An amateur can take a whole day to move a pool table with a friend but it may not get set up and leveled properly.

Cost Factors

Some things that may affect the cost of moving a pool table:

wooden stair caseStairs: Most, if not all pool table movers charge more if stairs are involved. We are not talking about a couple a steps up and down a porch or patio, we are talking about flights of stairs or moving into or out of a basement or second floor.

Size: Most pool table moving fees start at moving an 7 or 8 foot table. Moving a 9 foot table usually cost more because of the increased size and weight.

Repairs: May pool tables have good enough felt to be re-used. In some cases felt is in poor shape and will not with stand being re-stretched after being moved, this will require new felt being installed.