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About Us

The Pool Table Movers Of Denver

We offer billiards services to our community of Denver, Colorado. Our goal is to provide fast, friendly and reliable services, including:

  • pool table moving
  • pool table repair
  • pool table re-felting

We strive to provide high quality billiards services at competitive rates. There are other billiards companies out there that will charge a little less for their services but as with everything – you get what you pay for. We don’t try to overcharge or over-price our pool table services but we try to stay fair.

close up of playing a game of pool Moving a pool table requires that the pool table be totally dis-assembled before it is moved, even if it is going into a neighboring room or from in a garage or vise-versa. The sheer weight of the pool table can cause damage to the frame or the slate if it is moved in one piece. Therefore we take the time to take a pool table apart before we move it we:

  1. Remove the pool table rails and pockets
  2. Remove the pool table felt (cloth)
  3. Unbolt and remove the slate (very carefully)
  4. Remove the pool table legs if necessary
  5. Transport to new location

Sometimes a pool table is going into a garage or storage space and will not be re-assembled at that time. If that is the case then we will neatly stack the pieces in a manner that will not cause damage to the pieces of the pool table. If the pool table is just moving to a new home or into or out of the garage, for example, then we will continue with the setup.


  1. Replace the pool table legs (if they were removed)
  2. Initiate rough leveling (using rubber pads under the feet)
  3. Replace the slate and fasten to the pool table
  4. Precisely level the pool table slate
  5. Re-install the felt or install new felt (owner’s choice)
  6.  Re-install the pool table rails and pockets
  7. Check pool table for proper play

The dis-assembly and setup alone can take between 2 1/2 to 4 hours depending on the type of pool table and the quality of the initial setup. The transportation of the pool table just depends on how far it will be moved.